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Connecticut drunk driving accidents: What are dram shop laws?

Accidents caused by drunk drivers are a real concern in Connecticut, as they happen far too frequently. When drunk driving accidents do occur, it is normal for the victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their family members to question who may be held accountable for any losses sustained. While in most cases, victims set their sights on taking legal actions against the drivers, few may realize that bars and alcohol retailers may also be found partially liable for such accidents.

Connecticut has adopted what are known as dram shop laws, which allow civil lawsuits to be brought against alcohol vendors if patrons cause DUI-related crashes after leaving their establishments. These cases are not always easy to prove, however. A significant amount of investigative work is necessary before filing claims against alcohol vendors/retailers.

2 hurt in Connecticut hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Authorities in Connecticut are looking for the driver responsible for crashing into two pedestrians. This hit-and-run pedestrian accident reportedly occurred in the afternoon on Jan. 28, in Hamden. Both of the victims were transported to a hospital with serious injuries.

According to police, two individuals were struck by a car at the intersection of Robert Street and Dixwell Avenue. The victims' names, ages and genders have not yet been released to the public. The extent of their injuries and their current conditions are also unknown.

Driver and passenger in a one-car accident injured

Rescue teams in Connecticut were recently called to a single-vehicle accident with injuries. This incident occurred the evening of Jan. 23, in Willington. Both the driver and the passenger were hurt. According to the laws of the state, when a passenger in a one-car accident suffers injuries, he or she may be entitled to seek compensation for his or her losses by filing legal claims in civil court.

Not many details have been released regarding this accident. It is simply believed that the driver -- a 40-year-old male -- was driving northbound when his car slid, hit a guardrail and landed upside-down in a pond. The driver, though injured, was able to free himself from the vehicle and seek help.

Traumatic brain injuries common after trucking accidents

Trucking accidents have altered the lives of numerous Connecticut residents over the years. Many of these accidents result in fatality. For those who do survive, the physical damages they tend to suffer are often disabling. While there are a number of injuries that individuals may experience following these types of accidents, traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common.

There are two general types of brain injuries which are simply known as open and closed. When the skull has been fractured, this is known as an open brain injury. This generally happens if the head comes in contact with a hard surface. A closed injury, then, is one that occurs without a skull fracture. Both injury types can have serious or even fatal consequences.

Seek financial compensation following a drunk driving accident

A great number of Connecticut residents have been injured or lost their lives at the hands of impaired drivers. It is a sad but true reality. Fortunately, following drunk driving accidents, it is possible for victims or, in events resulting in fatalities, victim's surviving family members to seek financial compensation for any damages sustained that are deemed recoverable in accordance with state laws.

Common losses suffered by victims of DUI-related accidents are many and often include medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, and pain and suffering, among a variety of others. Those who are left having to cope with the losses of loved ones often experience similar damages on top of funeral and other costs. All of these can leave victims and/or their families financially and psychologically devastated.

Connecticut car accidents: Child injured in crash

A child was recently injured in a crash in Connecticut. Authorities say that the driver responsible for the collision failed to stop at a posted stop sign. Car accidents like this are fairly common, and the damages suffered by the victims of such incidents can be quite severe.

This particular accident occurred in the West Hartford area on the morning of Jan. 19. According to a local report, the driver of a smaller passenger car drove through a stop sign and struck a transport van. A 12-year-old boy, who was a passenger in the van, suffered unspecified injuries in the wreck and was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The van driver was also hurt, but he refused to be transported to the hospital for care.

1 killed and 1 injured in head-on collision in Connecticut

A Connecticut woman recently died after her vehicle was involved a crash in Milford. The head-on collision occurred the evening of Jan. 9. According to reports, the driver of the other vehicle was seriously injured in the wreck.

When rescue teams responded to the two-vehicle crash, they found both drivers still in their cars. One of the drivers had to be extricated from his or her vehicle. Both individuals were transported to a trauma center for treatment. One of the drivers, a female, died as a result of her injuries. The condition of the other individual involved in this wreck is unknown.

Connecticut car accidents: What is needed to prove negligence?

Those residing in Connecticut who have been injured or lost loved ones in auto accidents may wonder what it takes to achieve compensation for their losses. The truth is, being awarded damages for what one has lost in such an incident is not always easy. After such car accidents, negligence has to be established to the satisfaction of a civil court. This can only be done through a thorough investigation and successful litigation.

When filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the driver deemed responsible for an auto collision, there are several elements that must be present. Missing any of these could result in a case being lost. These elements include:

What damages are recoverable following a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian accident can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute someone may be walking on the sidewalk, crossing the street, riding his or her bike or walking on the side of the road; the next minute they are down, having been hit by an automobile. A pedestrian accident can have serious to fatal outcomes. Sadly, too many individuals residing in Connecticut have been negatively affected by such events and have suffered greatly.

Following a pedestrian accident, if the victim survives, he or she will likely have a long and difficult road to recovery. The injuries suffered in this type of incident can be disabling, completely changing the course of one's life. There are some who suffer injuries that may be less severe, but can cause life-long pain and suffering. Regardless, victims of pedestrian accidents may find that they are hurting physically, emotionally and financially, and are unable to take care of themselves and their economic obligations.

Family of 3 in Connecticut injured in head-on collision

Near the end of December, a family of three was injured in a car crash in Connecticut. The head-on collision was reportedly the result of a young woman driving her vehicle on a road heading in the wrong direction. She, too, was injured in the wreck.

According to a local news story, a 21-year-old woman was supposedly seen driving her vehicle the wrong way along Post Road in Fairfield, at a high rate of speed, just before striking another car. A family of three, including an 8-year-old boy, were all injured in the crash and required immediate medical attention. The entire family was transported to an area hospital; their current conditions are unknown.

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