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Head-on collision in Connecticut injures 2

Two people were recently injured in a crash on Interstate 95 in Connecticut. A wrong-way driver is believed to have caused the head-on collision. Both drivers were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries.

In the early morning hours of April 16, a two-car collision occurred in the northbound lanes of I-95 in Milford. According to reports, the vehicle of a man who was driving in the wrong direction collided with another car. The drivers -- both males -- were trapped in their automobiles until rescue teams arrived. The Jaws of Life were used to free one of the men who was found unconscious, having suffered life-threatening injuries. Both drivers were transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital for treatment; their current conditions have not been reported.

Fatal accident in Connecticut claims 1 life

A young man in Connecticut lost his life after his vehicle was struck by another car. The fatal accident is said to have occurred on April 18 in Bridgeport. The driver believed to be responsible for this incident is being investigated by local authorities.

According to reports, police claim that a 20-year-old male was speeding and had run through several intersections before his vehicle plowed into another car. The driver of the impacted vehicle -- a 22-year-old male -- was ejected from his SUV. Sadly, he died at the accident scene.

Connecticut car accidents: Collisions with construction vehicles

Construction vehicles and equipment can be found all over the state, particularly this time of year as the weather is improving. While work must be done, those who operate these vehicles must take care and be aware of the other drivers with whom they share the road. Unfortunately, accidents happen and those in Connecticut who have been injured or lost loved ones in car accidents with construction vehicles or other equipment may have legal recourse.

Operation error or equipment defects often lead to accidents near construction zones. Due to the pure size and weight of these machines, those within passenger vehicles can easily suffer massive damage if a crash occurs. Many such incidents, sadly, have fatal outcomes.

Questions and concerns one might have after a pedestrian accident

Sadly, numerous pedestrians in Connecticut have been struck by automobiles. Either as a victim of an auto-pedestrian accident or -- in the event of a fatality -- as a victim's surviving family member, it is not uncommon to have a number of questions and concerns after a pedestrian accident occurs. This column will try to address some of the common questions.

When a person has been injured in an auto-pedestrian accident, he or she may not know which actions he or she should take after the fact -- aside from getting the medical attention needed. After such an incident, a victim may have legal recourse, but certain things will be needed in order to establish negligence against the driver. While it may be difficult to do, victims of pedestrian accidents should write down as many details about the accidents as possible, including information about the crashes, injuries suffered, other losses sustained and even information about possible witnesses to the events. This information can then be taken to an attorney for review and further investigation.

Connecticut car accidents: 9 injured in multi-vehicle crash

A serious crash on Interstate 691 in Connecticut is responsible for injuring nine people. Three vehicles collided in the incident, causing one of the cars to leave the highway. This was just one of many car accidents to recently occur in the Meriden area. Weather may have been a factor.

It has been reported that on Monday, April 4, three vehicles were involved in an accident on the interstate around 1:30 p.m. According to a witness to the accident, a white sedan is believed to have lost control and spun in the center lane, striking a minivan and pushing it into a semi-trailer. The van then flipped over the guardrail and rolled down an embankment. The driver of the van and eight children in the vehicle were all injured. All of the victims were taken to an area hospital via ambulance for treatment.

Connecticut truck accident: Pedestrian hit by semi

A Connecticut woman was recently injured after being struck by a semi trailer. The truck accident reportedly happened in the New Haven area at the end of March. Police are still investigating this incident.

According to reports, the woman was walking on Eastern Street when she was hit by the semi. The truck driver had apparently just finished making a delivery and was pulling away from his delivery point near an apartment complex when he hit the pedestrian. It is believed that she was walking in front of the truck before the driver started to move the vehicle. The victim was knocked to the ground and dragged for several feet before the truck driver noticed what had happened.

Connecticut pedestrian accident: Woman killed by SUV

A Connecticut woman was injured right outside of her home after being struck by an SUV. This pedestrian accident occurred March 31, in Middletown. As of the latest report, police are still looking for the driver responsible.

The 61-year-old woman went to check her mail at about 2:15 p.m.. While at her mailbox, the driver of an SUV crossed the center line of traffic, struck the victim and then fled the scene. Authorities were quickly notified and the victim was transported to a hospital for treatment. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries later that same day.

Connecticut man hurt in intersection crash

A crash between a police SUV and another vehicle in Connecticut has resulted in one individual suffering critical injuries. This intersection crash occurred in the Bloomfield area on March 31. Authorities are still in the process of investigating this incident.

It has been reported that a 25-year-old male was transported to a medical center following a serious car crash. He was initially listed in critical condition, though his status was changed to fair condition the following day. The details of his injuries have not been released.

Drunk driving accidents are a major problem

In Connecticut and elsewhere, drunk driving is a major problem. Drunk driving accidents are responsible for numerous deaths and injuries every year. Those who have been negatively affect by such incidents may have legal recourse.

On average, 28 people across the United States die in car accidents with drunk drivers every single day. In 2014, that totalled up to just under 10,000 lives that were lost. Of those, 209 were children.

Connecticut car accidents: Wreck injures 3

Police in Connecticut are investigating a two-vehicle crash with injuries. According to reports, three people were injured -- one of whom was the driver believed responsible for the incident. Car accidents that result in injuries can be difficult for victims to recover from, physically, financially and emotionally. In this case, the victims may seek compensation for any damages they have sustained.

On the morning of March 24, a 29-year-old woman is said to have been driving her vehicle in Seymour when she lost control, crossed the centerline of traffic and struck the side of a van coming from the opposite direction. The young woman then swerved back into the correct lane, but overcorrected and hit a stone wall, ultimately flipping her car. She and the driver and passenger in the van were injured. All were taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

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