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Intersection crash in Hampton kills 1, injures 2

A two-vehicle auto accident in Connecticut is said to be responsible for injuring two individuals and killing another. The intersection crash occurred in Hampton on Thursday, June 24. The current conditions of the surviving victims have not been reported.

According to reports, this incident occurred at the intersection of Route 97 and Route 6. Authorities believe that a car driven by a 74-year-old male -- for reasons unknown -- entered the path of and collided with a vehicle driven by a 40-year-old male. The elderly gentleman was critically injured in the wreck and was transported to a hospital where he later died. A passenger in his car and the driver of the other vehicle also suffered injuries in the crash, though they are expected to recover.

Compensation for texting-related car accidents

Texting while driving is still a serious problem across the country, Connecticut included. It is unfortunate that, despite repeated warnings and laws being put in place, many drivers still choose to text while operating their motor vehicles. Because of this choice, numerous car accidents happen -- some of which prove fatal. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a texting-related auto collision, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses.

There are those who would argue that intoxicated drivers are a bigger problem than distracted drivers. However, it has been well documented that distracted driving is equally impairing as driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. When a driver sends or reads a text, his or her eyes are off the road, usually for several seconds. This gives him or her enough time to travel a relatively long distance -- depending on the speed at which the vehicle is traveling. A lot can happen in those few seconds.

Speed a contributing factor in Connecticut fatal accident

A recent car crash in Connecticut is responsible for the death of one individual. The fatal accident reportedly occurred in Bridgeport on June 19. Police believe that speed was a factor in this tragic event.

According to reports, a 31-year-old male was driving through an intersection when his vehicle was struck by another car. The impact of the crash is said to have split the victim's automobile in two. Sadly, according to a video report, this gentleman died at the scene of the accident.

Connecticut car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in crash

A collision between a motorcycle and a car in Connecticut killed one person and left another individual with serious injuries. Police are still in the process of investigating this incident. Sadly, car accidents like this do tend to have such tragic outcomes as motorcycle riders lack the same protections offered by traditional automobiles.

This particular crash reportedly occurred on Interstate 91 the morning of June 13, in Enfield. A 26-year-old woman, who was driving her car in the center lane, moved to the right lane and struck the motorcycle with the back end of her vehicle. This caused the motorcycle's driver -- a 47-year-old male -- to lose control and crash. A passenger on the bike -- a 47-year-old female -- died in the wreck, while the driver suffered unspecified injuries. His current condition is unknown.

Fatal accident takes the life of author Mercer Mayer's daughter

In the early morning hours of Saturday, June 11, the daughter of famed children's author Mercer Mayer was killed in an auto collision. The fatal accident occurred on Route 67 in Connecticut. The driver believed responsible for the crash suffered unspecified injuries in the wreck.

According to reports, the victim was heading home late at night when her vehicle was struck head-on in the Bridgewater area. The driver thought responsible -- a 23-year-old male -- had apparently crossed the centerline of traffic and struck the victim's car. Both of the drivers were transported to an area hospital. Ms. Mayer died shortly after arrival, while the other driver was treated and released.

Drunk driving accidents are a state and national problem

Impaired drivers can be found every day on roads across the United States. Sadly, Connecticut is not immune to this issue. As a result, drunk driving accidents occur rather frequently, leaving victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members with numerous challenges to overcome.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Statistics, three people are killed in alcohol-related collisions approximately every two hours. This results in thousands of deaths annually due to impaired drivers. Any number is considered too great when it comes to fatal drunk driving accidents. With the number of adults who have reported driving while intoxicated -- 4 million in 2010 -- it is amazing that the number of fatalities is not higher.

Connecticut car accidents: Interstate crash injures 2

Recently, authorities responded to a crash with injuries on Interstate 95. Sadly, car accidents on this stretch of highway in Connecticut are quite common. Little is known about this particular wreck, but at least two people are said to have been hurt.

It was recently reported that, on June 6, an SUV and a flatbed truck collided on I-95 in Westport. This collision is said to have occurred just before 2 a.m.. Both vehicles sustained pretty significant damage in the wreck, but the drivers were easily freed from their automobiles. It is unknown if either driver was transported to a hospital for treatment. The extent of the injuries suffered by each individual has not been reported.

Victims of negligent truck drivers can seek compensation

Truck accidents, like all auto accidents, happen for a number of reasons. Brakes can fail, drivers may be overly tired or cargo may not be properly secured -- among various other causes. In any of these and other situations, negligence on part of the truck driver or his or her employer may be to blame. In Connecticut, victims of negligent truck drivers may be able to seek compensation for any resulting damages.

Injuries suffered in a truck wreck can completely change a person's life. They are often disabling, making it difficult or impossible for one to provide for him or herself or a family, or even to physically care for oneself. The need for life-long medical assistance can be emotionally and financially devastating.

Pedestrian accident in Connecticut injures 1

Recently, an elderly gentleman was struck by a car in the Stonington area. This Connecticut pedestrian accident reportedly occurred the morning of May 25. The victim is said to have suffered serious injuries in the wreck.

According to reports, the victim was riding his motorized wheelchair near a local avenue when, for reasons unknown, he was struck by an automobile. The impact of the crash caused the wheels and seat of the wheelchair to break apart. The victim, whose age has not been released, was airlifted to a hospital with unspecified injuries. His current condition has not been made available.

Fatal accident in Connecticut claims 2 lives

Two individuals recently lost their lives in a tragic crash in Connecticut. The fatal accident reportedly occurred in the Shelton area on May 19. Police are still investigating the cause of this incident.

According to reports, an SUV driven by a 30-year-old male was struck by a vehicle that was traveling the wrong direction in the southbound lane of Route 8. A 29-year-old woman was behind the wheel of the wrong-way vehicle. Both drivers were the only occupants of their cars. Sadly, both individuals are said to have died before rescue teams arrived at the accident scene.

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