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Court hearings for fatal pedestrian accident in Connecticut

Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians don't generally tend to end well. Simply due to the size and weight of the vehicle versus the unprotected individual, a pedestrian accident typically results in severe injury or fatality to the victims. Even if pedestrians are paying attention and aware of their surroundings, sometimes the unexpected occurs, giving little or no time to react. This seemed to be the case regarding an accident that occurred last year in Connecticut.

A 28-year-old man was killed and another, a 48-year-old, was injured after they were struck by a pickup truck while in a parking lot. The driver of the truck, a 54-year-old man, was supposedly driving home from a local casino when he lost control of his vehicle at a curve and collided with the two men. Local authorities reported that the driver had been drinking before the accident took place.

Fatal accident-prone road in Connecticut getting an upgrade

Just about every city seems to have one -- that one section of road that is difficult to maneuver or the area where accidents frequently occur. Cities in Connecticut are no exception. These sections of road tend to be hot topics for local representatives and a cause worth fighting to improve. If multiple incidents occur in one specific area, particularly if any of them result in a fatal accident, local representatives and the Department of Transportation will begin the process of reviewing the safety of the roadway to determine if any changes can be made.

Over the years, there have been multiple accidents, several ending in fatality, along Route 34 in Derby. Many of the accidents that occur in this spot are considered to be head-on or sideswipe collisions. In the last few years, two women, both mothers, were killed on this stretch of road. In total, 10 fatal accidents have occurred over the last 30 years.

Connecticut motorcyclist suffers serious injury in collision

As much fun as a motorcycle can be to ride, the lack of protection they provide from an accident can leave their drivers with severe or life-threatening injuries. This happened to be the case in a recent Connecticut accident that took place earlier in April. A motorcyclist, hit by a car, was left with a serious injury that required medical treatment.

The accident, occurring in Middletown, was supposedly the result of a woman turning left in front of a motorcycle. A 56-year-old woman, headed northbound on a local street, apparently turned left in front of the cyclist, who was in the southbound lane. The car driver was uninjured in the crash, but the motorcycle rider, a 52-year-old male, required transportation to a nearby hospital for care.

Connecticut Interstate car accidents often result in injury

Driving on the Interstate, whether for business or pleasure, is part of many people's daily routine. Unfortunately, car accidents that occur on local freeways often involve multiple vehicles and tend to result in serious injury to those involved. Recently, a multi-vehicle crash in Connecticut shut down northbound lanes on Interstate 95 for some time, and five people were sent to the hospital with injuries.

The accident occurred earlier this month in Stratford. This incident was supposedly caused after a ladder fell from a truck. Five vehicles crashed, one of which was a semi truck. According to firefighters, a minimum of two people had to be rescued from their vehicles. The specific injuries suffered and current medical conditions were not reported.

Drunk driver in Connecticut sentenced to prison

Losing a loved one due to the acts of an impaired driver can certainly take its toll on a family. An accident caused by a drunk driver is a senseless event that could easily have been prevented had different decisions been made. Unfortunately, these accidents seem to be a common occurrence and far too many innocent lives have been lost. Recently, a Connecticut man was sentenced to prison for his role in a fatal crash that occurred due to his decision to drink and drive.

The accident happened back in 2012, when the victims, who were driving southbound on Route 8, were hit head-on by a man driving northbound in southbound lanes. The victims, a 24-year-old male and his passenger, a female now in her 20s, had to be freed from their vehicle. Both were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The young driver died of his injuries and his passenger suffered serious brain injuries, which has left her unable to work.

Car accidents caused by texting drivers a concern in Connecticut

Distracted driving, particularly distractions caused by cellphone usage, is a big issue not only in Connecticut, but nationwide. Texting while driving is the cause of many car accidents across the state, accidents which often lead to serious injury or fatality to the victims. The increase of incidents involving individuals texting while behind the wheel has local authorities looking to crack down on this dangerous habit.

Laws prohibiting cellphone use while driving were passed back in 2005. Over the years, changes have been made to the law in order to keep up with evolving technologies. This past October, the law was updated to prohibit texting even while stopped in traffic.

Accident at Connecticut gas station results in serious injury

Drunk drivers are a danger to themselves and to all others around them. Suffering serious injury at the hands of an intoxicated driver is senseless and unnecessary, yet unfortunately, a common occurrence. A recent accident in Connecticut, involving an allegedly drunk driver, three other vehicles and a gas station convenience store resulted in four people needing medical treatment.

The accident occurred recently after a 30-year-old woman, reportedly intoxicated at the time, came off an Interstate exit ramp at a high rate of speed and lost control of her vehicle. This caused her to crash into three other vehicles and eventually a gas station convenience store. Her car caught on fire, which was quickly extinguished.

Suit filed in Connecticut drunk driver case; who's to blame?

It has been some time since a fatal accident claimed the life of a local firefighter in Connecticut and severely injured his two sons. While the allegedly drunk driver accused of the crime is ready to head to court for his supposed involvement, the victim's family is also pursuing civil actions against a local gas station for failing to report the driver. In any accident, the blame falls primarily on the driver believed responsible; however, this suit also looks at the blame that could fall on establishments for their lack of action.

The driver deemed responsible for this tragic accident was supposedly living in his car, parked at a local gas station for a few weeks before the incident occurred. The lawsuit filed by the victim's family asserts that he was visibly using alcohol and other substances, and that action by the gas station attendant and/or owners could have prevented the crash. The suit also claims the station owners are obliged to manage their business in a safe manner, which the family believes they failed to do.

Connecticut teacher hurt in pedestrian accident walking to school

When people think of pedestrian accidents, they usually think of the crashes involving people crossing at or walking along major streets. Unfortunately, those collisions only make up a portion of these types of accidents. There are plenty of incidents, in Connecticut and nationwide, where a pedestrian accident takes place in a parking lot, directly outside a place of business or even on school grounds. All are very busy places and pedestrians and drivers alike need to be cautious of their surroundings.

A Connecticut middle school teacher, while walking to school earlier this month, was struck by a vehicle right outside the school. The driver, a parent who was dropping off some students at the adjoining high school, apparently hit her while trying to back out of the bus zone. The teacher, a 65-year-old female, was transported to Hartford Hospital for treatment. She has been listed in critical condition with injuries including a brain bleed and skull fracture.

Connecticut woman killed a man while driving under the influence

Not all accidents caused by drunk drivers take place far from home. In fact some can occur in front of someone's home or even right on their driveway. A recent criminal case has been brought to the Connecticut court system regarding the death of a man caused by a woman who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. What seems strange about this case is the location in which the accident took place.

Last summer, the victim of this accident, a 54-year-old male, was helping his friend fix the bumper on her car just outside a residence. While the man was in the process of removing the bumper, the woman, who was sitting in the driver's seat, drove the car on top of him. A neighbor reportedly moved the car and an ambulance was called to the scene. The victim was transported for medical treatment, but he reportedly died as a result of his injuries a few days after the incident.

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